I am happy to barter goods and services.

Some things I would like in exchange for my services include the following, but I am open to suggestion, so if you have something you don’t see here run it by me!

  • Vintage Fisher Price Little People & accessories, vehicles, buildings
  • Truck accessories and boxes for F150
  • Roof rack that will fit Hyundai Sonata
  • Surveillance/Game cameras
  • Dash cam
  • Zip up hoodies (I’m medium, yellow a plus)
  • Fishing poles and tackle
  • Small boat/dinghy (for two to float as they fish)
  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Quality lawn chairs
  • Folding picnic table
  • Ice cream maker
  • Old school Osterizer blenders
  • Rotary (old school) push mower
  • Violin
  • Sleigh sled
  • Banjo
  • Thermometer I can hang outside my window (able to gauge below O)
  • Old school wooden Flexible Flyer sled
  • Steel Saucer sled (like Clark Griswold)
  • Pogo stick
  • Skateboard
  • Mannequins and Mannequin Heads
  • Document shredder
  • Targets for creating gun range
  • Bartender equipment/accessories
  • House plants (especially aloe and ones good for increasing oxygen)
  • Puppets
  • Puppet theater
  • Rosetta Stone (Irish Gaelic/Spanish/French/German, Latin)
  • Camera (nice …. not film)
  • Tinker Toys (wooden old school ones)
  • Roller Blades or Old School Roller Skates (women’s size 10)
  • Travel steam iron
  • Student flute (not open hole, I have screw in finger)
  • Piccolo
  • Hockey skates (women’s 10/men’s size 8)
  • Collapsible tables
  • Easy Up canopy/tents
  • Sub zero sleeping bag
  • Camping gear
  • Hiking boots (women’s 10/men’s 8)
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Muck boots (women’s size 10 or men’s size 8)
  • Canoe or kayak
  • Massage
  • Pitchback net
  • Automatic baseball pitcher
  • Automatic tennis server
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Horse toys
  • Haircut
  • Tickets to a good show?
  • Awesome outdoor toys
  • Outdoor easel so I can sketch
  • Halloween costumes (quality)
  • Card table/folding table
  • Lanterns (battery)
  • Beer can or other kitsch stringing party lights
  • Sewing machine (newish and easy to use)
  • Metal Detector
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Cross Country Skis and boots (women’s 10)
  • 8 Man Tent (or 6 man)
  • Nice rain boots (women’s 10)
  • Video camera
  • Scale (accurate one)
  • Quality thermos
  • Room at an Inn
  • … think of something!

Barters I’ve Already Done (and would do again):

  • Piano Tuner
  • Haircut (two different times from different people)
  • Blog Ad
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Blankets sewn
  • Reiki Session
  • Cafe food & Drinks
  • Willow Tree Angel
  • Oil/fluid change
  • Roaster chicken/produce
  • Massage
  • Pedestal gumball machine
  • Membership to organization
  • Computer repair
  • Book
  • Computer speakers and accessories
  • ….. a few things that escape my mind ….

Check back, I’ll be adding more and more all the time

**NOTE: I cannot always barter, sometimes finances are such that I need to only accept cash paying work for a time.

**Gas/wear n’ tear can never be bartered, just my time portion

Agreement to barter must be made when booking

Note: this page is in flux as I get some of the things I desire and come up with new ones, check back often!

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