Parties and DIY Weddings

DIY Weddings Breaking from the traditional sit down reception in a hall and having your wedding at a barn, field, or house? I can help … Enjoy the company of your guests and don’t worry about serving food and drinks or cleaning up. Server, Bar,  Hostess, Coat Check, Busser, Dishwasher — I’ve done it all.Continue reading “Parties and DIY Weddings”

FAQ for Riders

If you also have facebook please find me there instead, it is the preferred method of communication and the fb FAQ is Read the entire FAQ before contacting to book a ride FAQ Before Requesting A Ride I’ll drive Hikers, Cyclists (including eBikes, Tandem, etc.), Kayakers, Canoes, Airports, Car Rental pick up/drop off,Continue reading “FAQ for Riders”


I am happy to barter goods and services. Some things I would like in exchange for my services include: Doll house people, furniture, accessories (not something I can buy in Walmart) Vintage Fisher Price Little People & accessories, vehicles, buildings Surveillance/Game cameras Zip up hoodies (I’m medium) Fishing poles and tackle Adirondack Chairs Quality lawnContinue reading “Bartering”