FAQ for Hikers

facebook is my preferred method of info sharing/ communication and it is updated far more often than website facebook.com/groups/TrailheadRides (you do not need a fb account to View posts and comments, it is set as public)

Read the entire FAQ before contacting to book a ride

HIKER FAQ read BEFORE Requesting Ride

Failure/Refusal to read full FAQ does Not absolve you from adhering to contents <br> Subject To Change, Read Again Prior To Ride If You booked More Than Few Days In Advance (edited 3/13/23) if you have others in your party have them read FAQ, too

WHAT I DO/ POLICIES *I drive 24 hours a day to anywhere (so, yes, Cohos, Baxter, Portland, Boston, etc) <br> *Truck has five passenger seat belts and can hold five bikes and gear with ease *if cab is full the bed can hold five people depending on packs …. thru hikers cannot ride in cab, sorry if that sounds awful but I have upholstered seats and stink clings *Food and supply drops can be arranged *I welcome dogs and other animals (large/ shedding/ drooling is extra cost) *a HikeSafe Card is required for all riders, even if they’re only in the state for the one hike *Food and supply drops can be arranged

*facebook.com/groups/MauraMart is stuff I keep in truck that you may have forgotten, ran out of, broke, or gave away (from chapstick to maps to headlamps to flip flops) — you don’t need to have hired me to avail yourself of MauraMart, if you see my at a trailhead walk on over (like an ice cream truck!)
*Hail Me Like A Taxi …. while I prefer pre-booked rides if you see me at a trailhead by all walk up and ask for a ride, if I have the time and can go in that direction I will say yes *420, drinking, or any form of inebriation is not welcome, I will not drive you (I’M the judge of whether or not you’re stoned, y’all don’t hide it as well as you think). I will not refund any payment if the imbibing of a hiker causes the ride to be canceled *no smoking OR vaping in my truck or immediately near it *don’t eat pungent foods (like tuna w mayo or onion-y things) and don’t leave mess *Yes, I drive in winter, too

COSTS *Rides are priced starting when I leave home/current location to pick you up …. they are not just from trailhead to trailhead * 💰 I don’t post my rates — once I have your Time, Headcount, Locations etc I send you a price and if you agree to it you take the next step in booking (see Booking Ride)
*quote I send is for one to four people as it costs me same to make the run, there is no solo hiker discount, a fifth rider is extra money *you are welcome to find others to take extra seats, charge them whatever you want, I won’t know — the booking rider collects their money and pays me the balance *if you have me arrange a shared ride I discount the booking rider’s cost but not the full amount the other hiker puts in, I do make a small profit *I’m not a shuttle that pulls up/drops at set locations and loads people on to share costs or taxi hoping for a fare …. I wake up (or stop what I’m doing) to drive YOU *a large chunk of ride cost is passenger insurance, gas/routine maintenance, repairs to keep two vehicles on the road, self employment taxes etc, I have not raised my hourly rate of pay since 2020 even though MY rent and cost of living increased *if you find someone else who charges less go ahead and hire them, if you’re penny pinching and only want to pay gas money etc please don’t contact me at all

BOOKING RIDE *facebook messenger to Maura Annette Chappelle is preferred (you don’t need to friend me), otherwise text (never phone call!) (603)915-1241
*if texting give me your name
*only use Messenger if you have the app on your phone and actually check it *IMPORTANT especially if you’re contacting when time is of essence and/or you’re in a sketchy cell area: ❗put as much info as possible in first contact …. instead of vague “can you give me a ride” go with “I’m So and So, can you take me and X number of people/dogs/bikes from A to B on Whatever Day at _:__ a.m.” *rides should be before your hike: I pick you up from trailhead you’ll end at, drive you to your beginning, you hike to your waiting car at own pace without worry of meeting ride *while I discourage post hike rides I’ll do them, but they rarely go smoothly …. hikers’ planned paces don’t pan out so they spend last few hours of hike texting to change pick up over and over plus when I wait beyond agreed upon time I’m on the clock (that’s IF I can wait and not leave for another ride so hiker then has no ride and forfeits the deposit) *tell me exact spots you want to be picked up and dropped off at and give time you want to be picked up not time you want to be at trailhead — don’t give extraneous information
*if I get five texts in a row and four are succinct one is an essay, even if wordy one came through first I’ll reply to it last so as not to make other four wait while I parse out the info
*do not text AND messenger me unless it’s urgent (lightning etc)
*if you’re spending the night before in a notorious dead zone (Dry River etc) let me know *Not being a taxi there’s no dispatch, the one taking requests is the one driving, be patient (especially if ride isn’t in near future, I respond immediate rides first)
*getting a quote and being sent instructions on how to send the deposit is not a reservation, until the deposit is received that time slot is fair game to other hikers
*if you inquire about prices and wait weeks or months to book the price may have risen

SHARED RIDES *when you arrange a share you can charge what you want for extra seats (truck seats five passengers, fifth rider is an extra $30) *ONE person books the ride and only that person talks to me, the booking rider communicates with the others and gives me the cash balance (to me the paid riders are the same as if booking rider brought friends along) *you don’t have to hike with the people you drove with *if I arrange share it’s not 50/50 split, but I do defray cost for both parties – I run new price (say how much to take off balance) w booking rider first and only tell new rider okay upon their say so

PAYMENT POLICIES *Final step in booking is online deposit ⚠️ DO NOT send $ without my instructions *balance to be paid with CASH at time of ride *If you forget to bring cash and need to pay online it must be done before we part ways and a $10 surcharge will be added *CANCELLATIONS: rides canceled 36 hours in advance or more will get a refund (minus $15); fewer than 36 hours is at Maura’s discretion and not promised *Change of Date: if it takes more than two texts to accomplish it there’s a $10 fee

DAY OF RIDE *Reread the FAQ *do NOT PASS ME on the way to pick up spot – if I’m going slow it’s for a reason like I know what stretch of road recently orphaned Baby Moose is usually on …. if you pass me and strike animal I won’t drive you and I’ll make sure cops know you drove to endanger *Be Ready! agreed upon time is for you to get in truck, not to repack, go to bathroom, pay parking fee …. delays at one ride create domino effect and make me late for the next *If you’re late you will be charged 50 cents a minute during daylight, 80 cents per minute in wee hours (wee hours are when a regular person would be in bed) *Night before and morning of ride, keep phone ☎️ you used to make arrangements with you, Do Not Turn It Off Or Pack It (or put on airplane mode)!! …. if you booked using fb messenger I assume you have messenger on phone and will be able to respond with it
*when on way to ride if you hear an alert CHECK IT, if you’re alone pull over and see if it was me …. if I message you RESPOND even if it’s “ok” or thumb up so I know it was read
*plus communication can help you avoid late fees – if you let me know you’re running late before I leave the house or I’m on the road and the delay gives me chance to eat or use a bathroom I MAY waive it (I cannot waive the late fee, though, if the delay causes me to be late for the next ride as I have to discount their balance to make it up to them) * 👀 You look for Me at pick up, you’re among a sea of others I’m easy to spot – I always send a picture of the truck (for common trailheads the photo is exactly where I park) *If you arrive before me in the dark and wait in your vehicle please turn on your dome light and/or headlights so I can see you’re there…. if you exit vehicle turn on headlamp

DURING THE RIDE *If you eat/drink on ride make sure you don’t leave crumbs, etc. on seats, there are plastic bags behind driver’s seat, start a rubbish I’m happy to dispose of stuff for you *there are cupholders, tissues, purell in all doors (please don’t jam tissues in seats!) *Masks are optional, your choice to wear (I do not nor am I vaccinated)
*On long rides like Cohos and Cross New Hampshire let me know if you need a bathroom break. Rides with multiple riders, please, unless emergency, only request one stop *I shouldn’t have to type this, but if you’re an ass I will pull the truck over and let you out right where we are and keep the deposit. If you’ve paid me in full I will keep the deposit then donate the second half to a charity devoted to the people you were an ass about. You are only with me a short time, it shouldn’t be a problem to keep your antisemitism, racism, hatred for conservatives or Catholics, and disdain for people from Massachusetts to yourself for the ride (just an example of assery, not entire list)
*I always have first aid supplies and OTC meds, don’t suffer needlessly *There’s dog 1st aid kit plus dog doo bags, clean bowl, and fresh water for tending your pooch *there are fans in backseat, please use them before requesting AC, it uses up gas
*in front seat shoulder strap must be over the shoulder

AFTER YOUR RIDE *You are now a Frequent Flyer and will get 10% all future rides
*If you were happy with my services and are inclined to write one I could always use more online REVIEWS
*If you were displeased in any way I welcome constructive criticism and appreciate it being shared with me in messenger or text
*you’re welcome to post your pics on facebook.com/groups/TrailheadRides and tag yourself and friends in any photos I put up

BAILOUTS *if you are hurt/ sick and need to bailout I will come get you, don’t worry about money, I don’t want you to push through illness/ injury because they don’t have money w them
*if you cut your hike short for other reasons (weather, taking longer than expected, etc) I will of course get you, I don’t want anyone to push through dangerous conditions or weakness but not for free …. and I don’t expect cash for second half, all online is okay
*a freak storm that is the same as being hurt or sick (however, those aren’t common, the extreme weather that took a life recently was predicted well in advance)

SAVE MONEY *besides sharing there are six other ways to save money on rides on my facebook group *I don’t tell you what they are, they’re to generate traffic and get people to scroll through old stuff in hopes they’ll react to, comment on, share, and possibly even tag old posts

HIKE SAFE CARD *if you don’t have a Hike Safe Card yet, you should get one (I did and I don’t go further than the trailheads!) wildlife.state.nh.us/safe
*beginning 2023 hiking season I will require Hike Safe Cards to book a ride with me

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