FAQ for Riders

If you also have facebook please find me there instead, it is the preferred method of communication http://www.facebook.com/groups/TrailheadRides and the fb FAQ is https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrailheadRides/permalink/1256281791497787

Read the entire FAQ before contacting to book a ride

FAQ Before Requesting A Ride

  • I’ll drive Hikers, Cyclists (including eBikes, Tandem, etc.), Kayakers, Canoes, Airports, Car Rental pick up/drop off, and anyone in need of transportation 
  • I drive 24 hours a day to anywhere (so, yes, Cohos, Baxter, etc. …. yes, Portland, Boston, Burlington)
  • “Car Spot” Rides should be at start: I pick up from vehicle, drop you off, and you make your way to vehicle at your own pace without worry of meeting a ride — Post trek rides are discouraged …. that said, I will drive post hike, just don’t recommend it
  • Truck seats five passengers (in seat belts) and can hold six bikes
  • I welcome dogs and other animals (pet hair fee)
  • Rides are priced starting when I leave home/current location to pick you up …. they are not just from trailhead to trailhead 
  • I don’t post my rates — once I have your time, headcount, locations etc I send you a price and if you agree to it you take the next step in booking 
  • I’m not a “shuttle” that pulls up/drops at set locations and loads people on to share cost or a “taxi” sitting around hoping for a fare …. I wake up (or stop what I’m doing) and leave the house to drive for YOU …. you’re most welcome to offer empty seats to defray costs, but I need to charge what my time/truck are worth 
  • Since I kept Plucky the Hyundai I will alternate when truck isn’t necessary (solo hiker to Canadian border, etc) to save gas or if truck is in shop 


  • facebook MESSENGER to Maura Annette Chappelle is preferred (you don’t need to friend me), otherwise text (never phone call!) (603)915-1241 is okay
  • IMPORTANT especially if you’re contacting when time is of essence and/or you’re in a sketchy cell area: put as much info as possible in first contact …. instead of vague “can you give me a ride” go with “I’m So and So, can you take me and X number of people/dogs/bikes from A to B on Whatever Day at _:__ a.m.”
  • Tell me exact spots you want to be picked up and dropped off at — not hike/bike plans or other extraneous information.  Also only give time you want to be picked up (NOT the time you’d like to be at trailhead)
  • Not being a taxi there is no dispatch, the one taking requests is also the one driving (and, on rare occasion, I sleep), please be patient (especially if your ride isn’t in near future, I need to respond to those seeking immediate rides first) 
  • You’re most welcome to offer extra seats on rides to others (5th seat is extra $)

PAYMENT Policies:

  • Final step in booking is 50% online deposit (cash only for remainder at drop off) do NOT send money without my instruction to do so
  • CASH at time of ride for remainder of the balance
  • If you forget to bring CASH and need to pay online it must be done before we part ways and a $10 surcharge must be added
  • If you’re late to pick you will be charged 50 cents a minute during daylight, 80 cents per minute in wee hours — great communication can help avoid that
  • Cancellation Policy: if the ride is cancelled 48 hours in advance or more a refund (minus $10) will be issued; fewer than 48 hours is at Maura’s discretion for unforeseen, extenuating circumstances only

DAY Of Ride

  • Be Ready! agreed upon time is for you to get in truck, not to repack your stuff,  head to bathroom, pay parking fee …. delays at one ride create a domino effect and make me late for the next — minimum of 50 cents a minute after 5 minutes
  • You look for ME at pick up, you’re among a sea of others, my truck is easy to spot
  • If you arrive before me at a dark trailhead and wait in your vehicle please turn on your dome light and/or headlights so I can see you …. if you exit vehicle turn on least headlamp (and you should be keeping an eye out for ME) 
  • If you eat or drink on ride please hand me rubbish to toss in bag I keep, please don’t leave it in back seat …. if you have allergies I keep tissues and sanitizer (please, God, don’t jam tissues in seats!) 
  • There are plastic bags to start a rubbish, I’m happy to dispose of stuff for you
  • Masks are optional, you may choose to wear them
  • Night before and morning of ride, keep PHONE you used to make arrangements with you, Do Not Turn It Off Or Pack It!!  …. if you booked using fb messenger it is assumed you have messenger on your phone and will be able to respond with it 


  • If you eat or drink on ride please make sure you don’t leave crumbs, etc. on seats.  I keep plastic bags behind drivers seat, start a rubbish.  I’m happy to dispose of stuff for you
  • If you have allergies I keep tissues and sanitizer (please, God, don’t jam tissues in seats!) 
  • Masks are optional, you may choose to wear them
  • On long rides like Cohos and Cross New Hampshire let me know if you need a bathroom break.  Rides with multiple riders, please, unless emergency arises, only request one stop
  • No smoking in or around my vehicles; please don’t hire me if you smoke so much that the smell clings to your clothes.  I will not stop for butt breaks and 420 is right out

AFTER Your Ride

  • You are now a Frequent Flyer and will get 10% all future rides
  • Bailouts happen, I never want someone to push through an injury or dangerous conditions because they don’t have money with them …. I’ll pick up for free in true emergency (if you give any money that is voluntary) …. if I pick up and bailout was because of poor planning or hubris I will let you know cost and you can send it to me once you’re settled at home 
  • If you were happy with my services and are inclined to write one I could always use more online reviews
  • If you were displeased in any way I welcome constructive criticism and appreciate it being shared with me in messenger or text


  • Food and gear drops can be arranged, ask me in advance
  • In my truck I keep a myriad of items — MauraMart — for free/for sale that you may need for your hike or ride, maybe you forgot or perhaps ran out — from Chapstick to Headlamps, just ask .  If you don’t have cash you can pay online, tips are accepted if you avail yourself to free items

https://www.facebook.com/groups/MauraMart shows much of what I have available, if you don’t see what you need just ask!

  • I always have first aid supplies, don’t suffer needlessly
  • There’s even a dog first aid kit plus I keep dog doo bags, a clean bowl, and fresh water for tending your pooch (or pups we see at trailheads)

*This FAQ is subject to chance, most recently updated September 1, 2021*

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