Parties and DIY Weddings

DIY Weddings

Breaking from the traditional sit down reception in a hall and having your wedding at a barn, field, or house? I can help …

Enjoy the company of your guests and don’t worry about serving food and drinks or cleaning up.

Server, Bar,  Hostess, Coat Check, Busser, Dishwasher — I’ve done it all.  And done it well.

I can also help set up and tear down tables, chairs, and decorations.

Services are not limited to the reception, I can assist in the days leading up to the wedding:

  • shopping
  • locating hard to find items you HAVE to have
  • help decorate
  • pick people up from airport/train/bus
  • corral children
  • designated drive
  • clean your home before company arrives
  • tend to animals

… and come back and clean the day after to clean up some more …

House Party Server & Bar Keep

For once would you like to enjoy your own party?  Sit down to dinner and enjoy the food and conversation without worrying about refilling guests’ glasses or wiping up spills?  And when they’re all gone home, go to bed instead of doing dishes?

I can come early and prep, dote on you and your guests, serve the food/drinks and clean up.

My skills run the gamut from 4 Diamond resort tavern serving and bar tending to dive bar food slinger and bar keep. (note, not fine dining)

Server, Bar,  Hostess, Coat Check, Busser, Dishwasher — I’ve done it all.  And done it well.

Showers, holiday parties, client dinners, family celebrations, cook outs ….     Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Silpada parties (etc), too

Playoff Games?

Don’t help your friends find the bottle opener, clean out glasses, find lost cell phones, heat up hors d’oeuvres, keep the dog away from the buffet … instead, will serve your guests: get their drinks, empty the rubbish, bus their plates and cups, wipe up spills, refresh the food table.

And when it’s all over, I stay and clean– so when you get up the next morning you aren’t staring at a mess.  Rather, you can nurse your hangover in a sparkling clean home.  In fact, I can clean the house before the party, too.

And an extra bonus: I can even be a designated driver if the need arises.

this needn’t be you! let me help

I can:

  • Clean your home before company arrives
  • Shop
  • Serve Dinner
  • Wash dishes
  • Corral children
  • Clean the house after company leaves
  • Pick up loved ones from airport/train/bus
  • Transport Grandma from her assisted living
  • Designated drive
  • … whatever else makes your life easier!

Instead of fretting over taking things from the oven, pouring drinks and clearing plates,Have me do it all, grab yourself an eggnog and enjoy yourself …then go to bed knowing there is no mess to face come morningI will tend to the kitchen, bus the tables, serve the food and drinksand take care of all the clean up

don’t touch those greasy dishes!
that’s what I am there for

Other services to consider:

  • de-cluttering your home pre party
  • cleaning your home
  • shopping for the event
  • designated driving post event
  • airport/bus/train pickup of guests
  • child care while you get ready
  • transport of dog to sitters so you don’t have to

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